Make Money with Facebook and Pagez – Simplified and Fully Explained

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I’m writing this post as I recently published a post about Pagez, which garnished lots of interest and many questions, so I am hoping to help clarify them.

If you haven’t heard of Pagez yet, it is a fairly new tool to help create income for internet marketers. Pagez serves as a back end for income generation, there are 2 steams of income that Pagez takes advantage of – Facebook Audience Network and Google Adsense. But don’t worry, Pagez simplifies all of this and does most of the work for you! To top it off, one of the amazing features about Pagez is it is currently FREE to use!

In Pagez, you create Articles and direct traffic to those articles to monetize your traffic. Pagez does most of the work for you, you just need to write the articles and send traffic to them. Most (if not all) people that have used Pagez so far have used Facebook to drive traffic to their Pagez articles. Some ways people have used Facebook to do this: Posting articles on their Facebook pages, posting articles on groups, posting articles on their person updates, etc.

As mentioned, there are 2 income steams:

  1. Facebook Audience network – Think of this as the monetization for Mobile traffic, which accounts for the majority of traffic from Facebook (normally between 70-90%). Before we go further, we also need to introduce another term called Facebook Instant Articles. Instant Articles can be created so when a link is posted to facebook and the visitor is on a mobile app, they will view the Instant Article, which stays within the Facebook app. You do not need your own Facebook Audience network account, Pagez takes care of this for you! Long Story short – when you write an article on Pagez, it will convert it to an Instant Article and insert Facebook Audience Network ads all for you.
  2. Google Adsense – Think of this as the monetization for Desktop traffic, which accounts for much less traffic than mobile from Facebook. Pagez does not provide Google Adsense accounts, you will need to have your own Google Adsense account. If you do not have one, you can apply here. If you do not have and do not want a Google Adsense account, you can choose not to monetize Desktop traffic.

When you create an article from Pagez, it creates 2 different versions (2 versions, but only 1 url) – one for Mobile (called Instant Article) and uses the Facebook Audience Network to generate income. The other is for Desktop traffic, which is a regular website with Google Adsense banners. Pagez simplifies this – once your article is saved, it will give you 1 URL, when someone visits this URL, Pagez will automatically detect if they are Mobile and eligble for Instant Articles or if they are eligble for the regular website and the page will automatically be formated for the visitor, no extra work on your end is required – just share 1 url and let Pagez do the work for you.

As mentioned, Pagez handles your connection and payments from Facebook Audience Network. This is all tracked in Pagez, you can see your real time/delayed stats in your account. Every week on Wednesday, Pagez will issue payments for your Facebook Audience Network earnings via Paypal.

Google Adsense is not tracked within Pagez, it is all tracked and paid out directly from Google Adsense. All statistics, payments, etc are all maintained in the Google Adsense website.


Using Pagez in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Create Pagez account (it’s Free!)
  2. [optional] If you currently do not have Google Adsense Account, Apply for one. [Do not let this part stop you, remember, this will only be applicable for approx 10% of your visitors, if you have challenges here, start without Adsense and contact Pagez Support.]
  3. [optional] Add your Google Adsense information to Pagez account. [Do not let this part stop you, remember, this will only be applicable for approx 10% of your visitors, if you have challenges here, start without Adsense and contact Pagez Support.]
  4. [optional] Configure Audience Network Ads – this is not required, but can help if you have multiple traffic sources (such as multiple Facebook Pages, etc). If you do not set this up, all Audience Network traffic will be logged under default, but you will still receive income.
  5. Create Article
  6. Wait 2-5 minutes, then click on Test Instant Article to ensure it can be converted properly, if you have any errors, wait and try again in 5 minutes. If it persists, contact Pagez Support. (note, I have not had a failure yet).
  7. Post Article to Facebook
  8. Rinse and Repeat


As you likely saw at the top of this post, I also posted this article on Pagez. Here’s a screenshot showing the different between Mobile (Instant Article with Facebook Audience Network Ads) and Desktop (Regular Website with Google Adsense).

Mobile – Instant Article – Facebook Audience Network


Desktop – Regular Website – Google Adsense