How did I find affiliate marketing?

This is a question that I see people often ask. Here is my story.

When I was younger, I had a friend who was not much older than me. It seemed he always had a ton more money than everyone. I had a good job and was making a good amount for my age and stage in life. At least I thought I did. He seems to always have much more money and even seemed like he never worked.

I started to bug and bug him to find out what he did, it took me months of bugging him for him to eventually just tell me “affiliate marketing” and he left it at that.

I didn’t stop bugging though, I kept going. From there he eventually told me to read forums such as digitalpoint, warriorforum and wickedfire. I started reading, from these resources I even found some blogs to start reading (unfortunately most are now gone or haven’t been updated in years).

Now that I got some education I went back to him to talk to him about what I learned and he opened up to me a little more. I eventually started running campaigns on Google Adwords and Mediatraffic and adonnetwork (these guys used to be decent back in the day, unfortunately they have dropped in quality).

It’s nothing special, but this is how I learned about affiliate marketing and started out.

When I asked him why he was so reluctant to tell me more from the beginning, he pretty much said, everyone wants to know and everyone wants a free handout, so when people ask him, he just gives them the bare basics and see’s what they do with it. If they take the information he gives and they somewhat find their own way, he is more willing to give advice and talk about it.