The Death of Affiliate Marketing

Ever since I learned about the industry I’ve constantly been hearing about “The Death of Affiliate Marketing”, “Affiliate Marketing is dead” and many different variations. All of them have a combined theme, someone (or some people) thought that the industry was dying, shrinking or disappearing. Normally the people saying this are new to the industry and have not found success and are frustrated or people who have been around for a while but failed to diversify and had their profits dry up. Either way, it’s normally someone frustrated, upset or angry.

Recently a reputable, mature and great network announced that they are closing their doors. I’ve seen many networks come and go over the years. Most were still new and growing, but I’ve also seen a few similar to Peerfly, such as Copeac (some might remember). It’s almost the nature of affiliate marketing that people and companies will come and go. It’s very sad to see Peerfly go, but it’s time to move on.

Is affiliate marketing really dying or dead? Hell no. Affiliate Marketing is still alive and well. People are still making money and as long as people are making money, the industry will live on. However, as always, it is a constantly changing industry. For merchants and business owners, this is a great model. Think about it, if you sold shoes for $100 a pair and you agreed to pay an affiliate $25 for each sale, you’d be making $75 per pair sold through the affiliate, as long as your profit is higher than $25 per pair, you are making money. You also only pay per confirmed sale, there is no guess work in advertising or marketing. It really is a great model for merchants and business owners, the affiliates take most of the risk! Hence why some of the payouts can be ridiculously high and lucrative.

So, if Affiliate Marketing is really alive and well, why did Peerfly close? You can read it yourself, they admitted the business model which they were using was outdated. You shouldn’t be worried about every other affiliate network closing their doors. It is possible, but at this point it looks like it’s just Peerfly.

Now, how do we protect ourselves against this and other changes in the affiliate marketing industry? Diversification is key. Try to work with a handful of different affiliate networks instead of just relying on one. Use different traffic sources, use different offers, etc. Don’t put all of your eggs in 1 basket. The other thing to consider to work on projects outside of affiliate marketing as well, don’t just give up on affiliate marketing, just diversify into other business models.

Affiliate Marketing is alive and well, if you want proof, check out affLIFT, they are a relatively new forum and have nearly 20,000 members already!

Exercise, Health, Creativity and All That Other Non-Sense!

You know, I’ve never seen myself a “healthy” person. I mean I’ve always felt fine, I’ve played sports and occasionally eat greens and salad.

When reading articles or blogs, I’ve seen many focus on using exercise for stress relief and to help with creativity. I’ll be honest, I’ve always thought that was completed bull and people were just saying that to show off.

Recently, went through some health related stuff that changed me life. I’m not going into it all now, but the focus is I’m still here and stronger and better than ever! 🙂

Since then, I’ve started eating better. It could still be better but we all start somewhere. The other big thing is I’ve started to exercise regularly and I can tell you, it does wonders for you!

My “go to” workout is going jogging, in the summer I do this outside and in the winter or when weather isn’t cooperating – I head to the gym. At one point I had a gym in my house, but the cost of buying and maintaining the equipment just started to seem like a bad investment, so I gave in and joined the gym a few minutes away from me.

It was hard at first to start this, I’m not going to lie. It was difficult on the body and mind. It was also hard getting into the routine where it became natural. Since then I’ve really taken a 360 turn on how I feel about it.

When going out for jogs or heading to the gym, after the initial “break in” phase, is it extremely relaxing and is amazing stress relief. If I’ve had a bad day, I make sure I go and it just helps clear the mind and put everything at ease.

As for the creativity, for me – it surprisingly helps. The difficult part is it help when I’m either half way through my jog session, so I need to take notes with my phone. I get ideas that I previously have not had and it just helps give me a new perspective.

Now, I am going to talk down on everyone and tell people what they should or shouldn’t do – All I am going to say is I’ve been doing this and have seen a difference and love it and would never go back. It’s hard as hell to get started and until it becomes a routine, it’s very difficult. I personally love it.

Affiliate Marketing Advice from a Newbie to a Newbie

I love hearing advice and tips and tricks for affiliate marketing, I think almost everyone does. Unfortunately there are various levels of experience and knowledge and sometimes the advice may or may not be suitable.

People who have been around for a while might forget the challenges when starting out and try to help but miss some key steps.

The other day, we found an awesome post on affLIFT that’s publically available to everyone. The title of the post is even Advices From A Newbie To A Newbie.

Some of the tips are:

  • Start with pop traffic
  • Use reputable networks
  • Use a tracker
  • Study data
  • Don’t change it up too fast

If you are just starting out or even been around for a while and are struggling then read this post! It has some great information and has already helped many others!

December is here!

Wow! It’s hard to believe the year is almost over, incredible! But, that’s not important right now!
What I am thinking about is December is here and it’s time to make some awesome Christmas sales!
For the past few years, approx. 80% of my income from Amazon has come from December alone! Let that sink in for a minute. CPS (Cost per sale) offers tend to do amazing in December due to the Christmas season coming!
With that being said, if you want to capitalize on this, it’s not too late yet, but it’s getting there. You need to start right now!
Some ideas for you that have worked for me in the past (and I’m hoping will work for me this year as well):
  • YouTube reviews of best selling (popular) items for Christmas, drop your Amazon link in the description. This can even work better if you have an easy domain and recommend the viewer visit your site.
  • Product review sites – yes, these still work despite what some say. Just make sure you add content, a simple one or two liner landing page won’t work, but if you have content and details, they can work great.
  • Using already developed assets such as Facebook groups, Facebook pages, email lists, websites, etc – use your existing assets and drop links.
After Christmas comes another great time. It’s New Years, which means New Years Resolutions! Which means everyone gets all motivated to improve themselves. Health offers from CPA Networks (like Peerfly, Maxbounty, etc) tend to do amazing.
There are various ways to promote these offers, I personally like paid traffic the best. If you need some ideas on how to promote these offers, check out some of the case studies or success stories on affLIFT or Aff Playbook.
Best of Luck!
We hope you take advantage of this amazing time of year and have an awesome Holiday yourself as well!

Google Chrome will soon ad-block an entire website if it shows as little as one abusive ad

Next month (December 2018) Google will be launching Chrome 71. This update is said to be a huge step up in the war against abusive ads.

Now, what are abusive ads? The term is rather broad and so is the definition. Some examples of abusive ads would be any ads that generating fake system messages, automatically redirect you, or attempt to steal personal information.

After Google 71 is released, they are giving webmasters 30 days to clean up their sites to get rid of these types of ads. After the 30 days, Chrome will block all ads on the entire site.

While this is an option within Chrome that can be disabled, but we figure most Chrome users will just leave it on.

We hope no readers are using abusive ads such as these, but if you are, we strongly recommend you clean them up ASAP to avoid what’s coming!