Affiliate Marketing Training – Aff Playbook Review

Are you ready to make the next big step in affiliate marketing?

Maybe the next level for you is to start your first campaign.
Maybe the next level for you is to find a profitable campaign.
Maybe the next level for you is to increase your earnings from $10 a day to $100.
Maybe the next level for you is to increase your earnings from $1000 a day to $10000.

You might be closer than you think to taking the next big step. You might just need a little help or a little push in the right direction.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. There’s many products that are built on fluff and fancy words and doesn’t have much depth or much to them. I’ve seen my fair share of these and while I will not name names, they are out there. Normally they launch and after a few months they shut down as everyone catches on. Please don’t fall into this trap!

I’m going to share with you a training program which I have proudly been a member of since the beginning (2009 is when they first opened).

What’s the Point of An Affiliate Training Program anyways?

The obvious answer is to help the members make money. Aff Playbook is this and much more. Aside from helping people make money, they also help connect like-minded individuals and provide a community of people just like yourself with the same goals and aspirations. Sure, everyone will be at a different level, but everyone in the community is trying to learn and get better at what they do.

Why should I join a paid training program when I can get free training from blogs, forums and other sites?

Remember this quote – “Not all advice is good advice”. Unfortunately there are many blogs out there that aren’t focused on helping the readers but more focused on making the owner money. Same thing goes for forums and Facebook groups – they might be there and people might be “helping” others, but it’s not the same. The information shared in public is often watered down and often not the information is shared. If a restaurant offered both a free meal and a meal that cost money, which one do you think would be better? I can almost guarentee it would be the meal that cost money. In life, you almost always get what you pay for.

Also keep in mind, on a private training site, I guarentee people will be more inclined to share more information and better details than in a private setting. This stands true for both the owners of the site and the other members. If you had a deep secret to make money, would you publically discuss this at a crouded coffee shop? or would you be more likely to share in a personal setting such as someone’s home?

What is Aff Playbook

Aff Playbook is the #1 Affiliate Marketing forum that helps train people interested in affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

They are one of the (if not the) most respected affiliate marketing forums in the online marketing industry.

Currently there are over 3,600 active members, many of which have been a member of the forum for at least a year if not longer.

Aff Playbook is the best resource for learning and mastering all areas of affiliate marketing.


Here’s some of the features of Aff Playbook

  • Lessons, guides and courses geared towards product and offer creation. Get started by creating your own products or offers. This is where the big money is!
  • Detailed Guides with screenshots on creating converting landing pages, coding and tracking. There is even a tool to help create landing pages with proven converting templates!
  • Advice on business, productivity and more. Learn how to plan, start and run your business from scratch. Learn how to maximize profit and scale to new levels.
  • HUGE Affiliate Marketing Community, full of successful affiliates, affiliate managers, tool owners, network owners, and traffic sources. All are there to help you find success and answer any questions!
  • Recent success stories, awesome and frequent contests with amazing prizes, masterminds, webinars, and much more!
  • The forum is an extremely active community that people frequently visit and participate in. Networking is a key to success and Aff Playbook has you covered!
  • Let’s not forget – Aff Playbook has tons of EXCLUSIVE and AWESOME Affiliate Marketing Tools created exclusively for Aff Playbook members.


Here is a quick list of the most popular tools that Aff Playbook members enjoy (there are many more, these are just the top tools):

  • Landing Page Builder – With a couple of clicks, create proven landing pages that convert in minutes! This includes desktop and mobile.
  • PPV target scrapers. – Just click a button and discover thousands of targets to use for PPV traffic, you will not see these types of scrapers anywhere else.
  • Related keywords tool – Just click a button and discover thousands of targets to use for PPC and SEO.
  • Google Display Network spy tools – Search profitable campaigns with a quick click.
  • Backlink analysis tools – Need to find backlinks? We got you covered!
  • Related domains tools – Find domains SEO, PPC, PPV
  • LP Clone bot – Clone any website or landing page with a quick click
  • Headline Bot – Create proven headlines with a quick click
  • Plugin Vault – Get access to premium WordPress plugins
  • Image Vault – Get access to premium graphics to use on your landing pages

Here are SOME of the awesome success stories at Aff Playbook

Just starting out? Don’t Worry, Aff Playbook is Newbie friendly, they actually even have a section dedicated to Newbies and people just starting out.

What Next?

The cost for Aff Playbook is only $67 a month. If you are already making money online, this small investment will be paid off within the first month with the tips and information you’ll learn.

If you are just starting out or if you’ve been struggling to make money online then I get it, $67 might be looked at as a large investment. (noticed how I used the word investment and not cost).

One of the best things about this membership is you can learn from others and more importantly learn from the mistakes of others. How many times have you thought back to something and said “if only I knew then what I know now”.

One challenge that many people see when starting in Affiliate Marketing is they feel it’s too competitive. While I can understand where they are coming from, it’s only competitive if you let it be. What if you could have an advantage and know some of the tips and tricks that 60% of the people don’t know. Wouldn’t that give you an advantage? This is exactly what Aff Playbook brings. You can learn what has and was has not worked for successful affiliates and based on that go the right direction.

For what Aff Playbook offers, $67 is a steal. Many members are actually calling to increase the price to make the site and forum not exclusive (they find that much value)!

If I was starting over again, I would join Aff Playbook.





If you are still struggling with the $67 a month, for a limited time we have been provided a discount code. This will be the cheapest price you will find for Aff Playbook EVER!