I am often asked to provide training to people.

Unfortunately at this point in time I do not offer one-on-one training, the best I can do is try to help people on this website, on our Facebook Page and on Twitter.

I however do recommend if anyone is looking for affiliate marketing training or coaching to sign up for Aff Playbook. They currently offer an entire training program for only $67 a month. This works out to be less than $2.25 per day, what else can you buy for $2.25 a day? (Note – I am also very active on their forums.)

In the future if I am able to offer any training or coaching I will make sure I let everyone know.

More Information on Aff Playbook:

  • Aff Playbook was founded in 2009 (I have been a member since 2010)
  • They are the most successful and longest lasting Affiliate/Internet Marketing Training Site
  • They are the #1 Affiliate/Internet Marketing Forum
  • They are the #1 Affiliate/Internet Marketing Training Sitea
  • They have 200+ Success Stories
  • They have 40+ Case Studies
  • They have 1300+ Follow Along’s (Member Case Studies)
  • They have 260+ Lessons/Tips
  • They have 5700+ members
  • They have 15,000+ posts (that’s a ton of reading)
  • They have training in written, audio and video format
  • They have 50+ custom tools that all members get access to
  • They have spy tools that use BoxOfAds
  • They have landing page generators that can create a landing page in a few simple clicks
  • They have several industry leaders as members of the forum
  • They have several members who either own or work for Traffic Sources
  • They have several members who either own or work for Affiliate Networks
  • They have several members who either own or work for Industry standard Tools

We have been working with Aff Playbook since 2010, we have also worked with several other of the affiliate/internet marketing training sites and we find them ahead of them all.