Advice for my past self

Often people ask, if we were to do it all over again, what would we do differently. Here is what I would do differently.

When I first started, I spent a ton of time reading. I read forums, blogs, articles and anything I could. I think it’s very important to do some research and learning. But in my case, I spent way too much time ready and didn’t start doing soon enough.

If I could do it all over again, I’d jump in sooner and take action. You learn WAY more by doing than just reading about it. It can be scary to start, it’s often scary stepping into the unknown and into the zone that you are not comfortable in, but you learn so much and often you cannot learn that type of stuff any other way.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? Are you reading blogs, forums, etc over and over again and afraid to jump in? If you are, learn from my mistakes and jump in right away. One of my few regrets is waiting too long to take action, don’t make the same mistake!