Affilorama or Aff Playbook?

So you want to learn internet/affiliate marketing? Who should you choose?

Two very popular training programs are Affilorama and AffPlaybook.

Let me start by saying I have been a member of both of these training programs, so I have had the pleasure of having an “inside look” at both of them.

Let’s start with Aff Playbook.

Aff Playbook was founded in 2009 by David Ford, who is a well known affiliate and PPV expert. Over the years David has become very well known in the industry. Here is a brief list of his accomplishments:

  • Been the top (highest revenue generating) affiliate at several networks
  • Consulted affiliate networks and traffic sources to help them grow
  • Ran countless successful campaigns across the most popular traffic sources and niches
  • Personally coached thousands of affiliates
  • Built the Aff Playbook forum
  • Held multiple sold out private masterminds across the country

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David from APB for a number of years and I’ve always been impressed and inspired by his drive and commitment to help others succeed. He truly takes the “no one left behind approach” and does anything and everything in his power to help anyone who is committed to succeed.

Now on to Affilorama.

Affilorama was actually founded earlier than Aff Playbook and I’m a little embarrassed I don’t know the actual date. Over the years Affilorama has mapped exactly how to sell people online, and they use this on their members. Unfortunately there are constant upsells and always more that you need to buy to get to the next level.

Also the big money making technique that they teach (and that many members despise) is promoting their own internal affiliate program to get more members for Affilorama. Many members and former members really dislike this and they should, it’s very limiting, while it can make a little bit of money, it’s very restrictive and doesn’t teach you many skills to use with other sources of income.

If you can’t tell, we strongly recommend Aff Playbook over Affilorama. We feel that AffPlaybook sets their members up for better overall success. They will teach you methods that you can use across many different traffic sources and many different vendors (affiliate networks, merchants and other small affiliate programs, etc).

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