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Hello everyone!

My Name is Chris and if you are active on forums, you will likely recognize my picture or recognize me by the name of ChrisBa, I am the main owner of this website (although several people are involved with helping).

I have been involved with affiliate marketing since 2006. I have been involved in various ways from being an affiliate, being a coach/trainer of a well known training site and even a co-owner of an affiliate marketing training membership site (note: this is no longer in operation).

Over the many years involved in the affiliate marketing industry, I’ve had several interactions with people across the board from different countriesĀ and with different skill levels and different roles. I have worked with people who have no knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry, I’ve worked with seasoned veteran affiliates, I’ve worked with affiliate managers, traffic source owners, etc.

When working with people who want to start in affiliate marketing as affiliates, I’ve noticed many have the same questions and face the same struggles. I decided I wanted to start a site to help people like this, since many have the same question, I felt I could address and help several people at once. Chances are if you have a question, several others will have the same question. I currently do not offer 1-on-1 training, if you have any questions, please feel free to post them on our Facebook Page, this way we can all work together at addressing it. (not to be rude, but please do not contact me directly asking questions, please post on our Facebook Page, if I were to answer 1-on-1 questions, I would need to charge people money, which is not something I am interested in right now.)

If you feel you need more help and this isn’t enough, I recommend you read our information on Training.

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