Are You Scared Someone is Going to Rip or Copy your Landing Page?

I often get asked and see people asking what they can do to prevent this. I’ve seen people worry so much about this that they lose focus on the overall goal (making money)

My advice for people who get worried about this is to not spend too much time worrying about this. One funny thing is often when people steal landing pages, they can forget to change links and you can sometimes get additional clicks and conversions.

My best advice is to focus on getting better, stay one or two (or even more) steps ahead of the people who will rip of copy. If someone tries to make a living off of just copying and ripping others, they aren’t going to last too long. The creative ones in the end will ultimately outlast them. You will end up doing more for yourself and business by split testing new landing pages and work on getting better.

Don’t let these people get you bent out of shape. Worry about yourself and focus on yourself and work on getting better.