Why Paying Up Front (pre-paying) Can Be a Good Thing

A great example of paying up front that most in the industry can relate to is Aff Playbook. They are a great company that offers people a chance to save money by paying up front for several months (instead of just one). The incentive to do this is you save money. There regular monthly price is $67 per month and you get billed each month. If you pre-pay for 6 months, it costs $330 (this will save you $12 per month off the regular monthly price [$330/6 months = $55 a month]). If you pre-pay for 12 months, it costs $565 (this will save you $20 per month off the regular price [$565/12 months = $47 a month]).

While many people will look at this and think that the only good thing about this arrangement is saving money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know the number one reason that most people fail at affiliate marketing and making money online is because they give up too early? If you are subscribing to a service each month, it’s very easy to cancel your membership and just quit (this doesn’t┬ájust apply to Aff Playbook, this applies to almost any monthly billed service company). When you subscribe for multiple months, you have already paid up front, you should have incentive to keep at it and see it through. In this case this is a great thing, it makes people think more and is proven to help the chances of someone succeeding in affiliate marketing – they have more incentive to keep moving forward instead of just taking the easy route and quitting.

Another way this can be a good thing is when traffic providers make you pay up front for the traffic. Most PPV/CPV networks do this (50onRed, Trafficvance, Lead Impact, etc). Let’s take 50onRed for an example. When first joining, there minimum deposit is $500 USD. (Keep in mind with 50onRed, after your initial deposit, the minimum deposit drops to $100.) When starting off, this may seem like a fair bit of money. There is however upside to this. This makes them more exclusive, they don’t have just anyone, to get in you need to make the initial $500 deposit, this helps keep out people who want to put their feet in the water and should help discourage scammers and fraudsters. It however keeps the door open to anyone who wants to legitimately work with them. It also makes sure that if you are joining them, you are serious. When you have a higher deposit, it also helps keep the quality of the network up and help keep the bids lower. In this industry, it takes money to make money – if you aren’t willing to shell out $500 for the initial deposit, let’s face it – you aren’t serious about making it in this industry. The great thing is, once you make your deposit (assuming you are serious about making it in this industry) it will help give you incentive to keep going and not quit!