Wealthy Affiliate vs Aff Playbook

Before you decide to join either Wealthy Affiliate or Aff Playbook – make sure you read this first!

Chances are if you are looking at joining either of these programs, you’ve at least heard of internet marketing or affiliate marketing! That’s half the battle right there.

I don’t think I need to remind you that proper training or coaching will increase your chances of success and decrease the time it takes to learn any new skill, this include internet marketing/affiliate marketing.

So, who to pick? Wealthy Affiliate or Aff Playbook.

My personal choice would be Aff Playbook and I’ll tell you why.

While both are great programs, I personally find that Aff Playbook is more geared towards helping their members make money and learn transferable skills. Whether you want to learn PPC, PPV, SEO, Facebook Ads, Media Buys, Mobile, etc – Aff Playbook is good at teaching you the foundation that can be applied to all traffic sources and also gives you information specific to traffic sources as well. They also do the same with teaching how to promote various niches.

Personally, I find that Wealthy Affiliate does help people make money, but I personally feel their main push is to get people to promote their own affiliate program. While there is money to be made by doing this, it really limits you and makes it hard for any growth of opportunity for larger money making methods.