Skrayp – The Ultimate Keyword and URL Scraper


Our good friend Luke from Peerfly has a number of amazing tools and it seems more keep coming as time goes on. His most recent scraper called Skrayp is the undisputed king of scrapers for both searching for keywords and urls.

Myself, being focused on PPV traffic, I tend to use the URL scraper more than the keyword, but I still occasionally use the keyword scraper and I can tell you, both produce results better than any other product I have seen before.

When using the url scraper you actually have a fair bit of options, it’s not just a straight click and go (although you can certain do this if you want). You can select the results based on country you are interested in targeting, you can also specify if you want full urls or just truncated at the domain, the last option is how many results you want (and yes, you can have ALL POSSIBLE, there aren’t many limitations here!)


The keyword scraper is a little more simple to use, it still works great, but there are no options, just enter your keyword, click and go. Thousands of results will then appear on your screen!


Once you have your results, you can download them and display them in excel. Skrayp also saves your previous search results so if you want you can always go back and review them.



Skrayp is currently available for $9.99 a month, we recommend you jump on this ASAP as we feel the price will likely go up as the product warrants a much higher price!