STM (Stack That Money) vs Aff Playbook (APB)

By now we all know that the proper training or coaching can not only increase your chances of success while learning to make money online. This stands true regardless of what methods you are using. This applies to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, drop shopping and everything else. I would even go as far as to say it stands true for making money in general – I’m convinced if every small business had a mentor or coach to help, we would see many more successful businesses.

But, I digress, back to the topic at hand – who should you pick? STM (Stackthatmoney) or AffPlaybook? (Don’t forget to also check out affLIFT)

Let me start by saying I have been a member of both of these affiliate marketing training programs pretty much since they were both launched.

It’s amazing to me, have far both of them have come and evolved over the years. Affiliate marketing and internet marketing is very much about evolution to me. There’s an old saying in the industry “adapt or die” and I’ve seen my fair share of people who have failed to adapt and most have disappeared. Luckily, both Aff Playbook and Stack that money have been evolved over the years and due to this they are both still around, I’ve seen many other similar programs fail to adapt and again, disappear.

Let’s look over the basics.

Aff Playbook was founded in 2009 by David Ford, who is a well known affiliate and PPV expert. Over the years David has become very well known in the industry. Here is a brief list of his accomplishments:

  • Been the top (highest revenue generating) affiliate at several networks
  • Consulted affiliate networks and traffic sources to help them grow
  • Ran countless successful campaigns across the most popular traffic sources and niches
  • Personally coached thousands of affiliates
  • Built the Aff Playbook forum
  • Held multiple sold out private masterminds across the country

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David from APB for a number of years and I’ve always been impressed and inspired by his drive and commitment to help others succeed. He truly takes the “no one left behind approach” and does anything and everything in his power to help anyone who is committed to succeed.

Stackthatmoney was founded in 2011, by a large number of successful affiliates, you have likely heard of one or two of them – Mr Green, Stackman, Bbrock32, Caurmen, Finch, Maynzie, Zeno, iAmAttila.

While it is difficult to compare both of them, I would need to give the “nod” to Aff Playbook. While I still consider STM a top notch training program, I find Aff Playbook more devoted and helpful for people to find success in making money online.

Also I should note, currently a membership for Aff Playbook runs for $67 per month, while Stackthatmoney costs $99 per month.

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Another option we strongly recommend is affLIFT. They are actually fairly new, they launched in May 2018 but have been growing very fast. They are only $20 a month. They don’t have as much posts as these other 2 giants, but for the price, they are a great deal.