How to Start your First Affiliate Website

Starting your first affiliate website can be very easy, but often people tend to overthink things and make it sound more difficult than it needs to be. The great thing is this website can also be used as the website you use when applying to affiliate networks and traffic sources.

One of the things that many dread when applying to affiliate networks is the address of their website. No one should dread or even think twice or worry about this. You can still apply to networks without a website, but ideally you should get one.

Starting a website is very easy, all you need is a domain, hosting and an idea for content.

If you are starting out, one of the best ideas for a website is a blog to track your progress. Create the website around you and track how you are doing in affiliate marketing, or online marketing or whatever you are doing. Don’t worry if you don’t have much content to start. Just start writing posts on who you are and what you want and plan on doing. Then once you start doing, document the progress and keep track of what you’ve done, what you’ve learned and what you will do different next time.

The website will eventually become about your journey in affiliate marketing. If you post about your actual experiences and keep it updated, people will absolutely love it. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of others that are in your exact shoes that you’re in right now. People love to read and see how others are doing and their challenges and what they’ve done to overcome their challenges.

If you’re honest, people will see that you’re being authentic and will like you that much more. Everyone who relates will keep coming back to see how you’re doing. It will also serve as a great way to network with others. This will open up so many opportunities with other affiliates, networks and many others.

This type of website is also good for holding yourself accountable. Post your goals and track them, it will mean so much more when you post it for the world to see.

Don’t overthink it. Just pick out a domain, buy it and start!