The Return and Rise of Aff Playbook

We are happy to announce that Aff Playbook is re-opening their doors! What does this really mean? In 2009, Aff Playbook opened their doors. For 10 years they ran on the same platform with some minor and major tweaks. It was a great time to be in affiliate marketing, it was just before the days of re-bills and you could direct link on Google. Times have changed! Affiliate marketing is still very well alive, but things are changing and we need to change with it!

Aff Playbook has realized this and hence why they are re-launching their affiliate marketing training program. Years ago, it felt like forums were the best learning and training platform. That may or may not be true, but again – times are changing! The challenge with forums is they might be great for housing lots of information, but it can be difficult to search and locate that information. Also for new users it can be very confusing and difficult to find the relevant information for them. Also the question “where to start?” comes up a fair bit.

So, if a forum is out, what are the other options? Why not have a system similar to fancy training sites likes Udemy? Sounds amazing to me! Aff Playbook has adapted to this format and now has launched their new system! The member area is now broken down in courses. If you want to learn about PPC, then you go through the PPC course. Take a look below is a sample screenshot of what the new Aff Playbook looks like. Inside of each area has loads of information including videos, content and downloads.



You will get very specific lessons based on various affiliate marketing techniques that currently work. You can review these lessons and work at your own pace. As always you will get support when you need it. To name a few things – you’ll discover how to find the best affiliate offers to promote, how to drive traffic to these offers and how to diversify and build multiple streams of income without spreading yourself too thin.

New courses and lessons are and will continue to be released each and every month! As long as you’re still a member, you will have access to a brand new course full of actionable steps to use and profit from. You will always be exposed and learn new things that are working right now! Affiliate Marketing is constantly changing, learn about what’s changing and still working!

Aff Playbook is kicking off their webinars again, these have always been awesome in the past! The great thing too is there is no sales pitch, it feels like almost every other webinar includes a sales pitch at the end. In this case, you are already a member and it’s just straight learning! The other great thing is the webinars are for members only!

You can join the new and improve Aff Playbook for as little as $77 a month (that’s less than a coffee a day!).





If you still want the forum type training, don’t worry, we have you covered. affLIFT still offers a forum based training program and they are pretty awesome!