Say GOODBYE to 2015, Say HELLO to 2016!

2015 is rapidly coming to an end and 2016 is almost here!

This means something very important to us, if you haven’t guessed it yet – New Years Resolutions!

I typically try to set some goals when a new year comes, I do not like to call them resolutions. However, I am a very goal oriented person. I try to set long term goals (several months to years in the future) and short term goals, anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

I highly recommend you start setting some goals for yourself, determine where you want to be in the future. Your goals can be anything – they can be financial based, education based, etc. The important thing is you need to set them and track them! is here to help with your financial goals. We are still working on bringing our site fully online and live. Unfortunately our temp page has been up for much longer than we expected and we fully apologize for this and thank everyone for your support!

Now – back to new years resolutions. It is the perfect time to start capitalizing on other peoples new years resolutions. One of the largest resolutions is related to dieting and weight loss – this is one of the most profitable times for affiliates to make money off of weight loss offers. Can you think of any other popular new years resolutions that you could capitalize off of? Start thinking and writing them down, get a pad of paper and start brainstorming! I’ve give you another hint, if you can think of it yourself, Google is your friend. Instead of just giving them all away, I am working on helping you think like a successful affiliate – you need to think outside the box and figure out how to look things up. I’ll also be dropping another email shortly on what my list would be.

I hate to ask anymore from anyone as everyone has been so supportive, but you can please help us by Following us on Facebook and Twitter.

As we prepare for 2016, we want to make sure you are ready. Make sure you have your goals set! Make sure you have a clear idea of where you want to be! We will be sending more information shortly!

Thank you everyone for your support!