I Have A Confession To Make…

Hey Friends!

It’s true… I have a confession to make.

When you hear all these success stories online about people succeeding in affiliate marketing (or any online marketing) it’s typically those “Rags to Riches” stories. Someone starts out with nothing, works there way to become successful.

It DIDN’T work this way for me!

First off, I honestly didn’t start from Rags. I came from a good background, I wouldn’t use the word “privilege” but I had it good. I had a good family life and good parents and I went through college (i had some help, but minimal, the rest I paid myself).

When starting with affiliate marketing, I had a decent job which helped pay for the initial break in.

But here’s the other thing, success didn’t come overnight. Nor was it a straight line! There were many ups and downs!

I’ve got to be honest, when I eventually “made it”, I screwed up bad. I wasted money on STUPID THINGS! It’s so silly when I think back. I bought watches, I went on vacations, I gambled, I collected anything and everything. It was so stupid. My lifestyle was out of control, while I wasn’t flying around on private jets or anything that extravagant, I was wasting money left, right and center.

Guess what happened next? BOOM, some bad luck and some bad campaigns and I was struggling. This was a good slap in the face to wake up and set the right priorities.

Eventually I started to claw my way back in, take what I already knew, take what I had left and start to rebuild.

It was slow, or at least it felt slow. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. It was stressful, I knew I needed to overcome this.

Eventually and slowly after launching many campaigns, some started to see profit again and I felt like “I made it” again.

This time was different, I was smarter, no more stupid things. It was time to be more grounded. From here, I started to save and invest more and set myself up for better future success.

Now, why am I telling you this story?

It’s because so many people I talk to think success comes from starting at the bottom and reaching the top (and staying at the top) with very little adversity.

The reality is, it doesn’t always work like this. Once you’ve “made it”, it’s so easy to make mistakes to slam you right back down to the bottom.

Just keep this in mind, regardless of where you are on your journey. Keep pushing, keep staying humble, be smart and stick with the plan! One resource that has really helped me in this aspect is Aff Playbook. Aside from the amazing training and courses they offer. Aff Playbook also has an amazing community where you talk to successful people in the same industry and learn from what they do right and even more importantly, learn from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones!

I honestly cannot credit all my success to Aff Playbook. I can credit my longevity and much of my success to what I’ve learned and seen on the Aff Playbook forums. Even if it’s something simple that someone has shared that has worked for them, it’s helped give me some amazing ideas and ways to spin it to help make campaigns more profitable,

Still, the most impressive thing is their community. You are a part of a bigger picture of a team of successful people all looking at getting better and this is priceless!

Cheers to Success!