Using Micro-workers or Guaranteed leads with CPA offers?

From time to time I see people ask if they can use micro-workers to fill out CPA offers, and even services that offer guaranteed leads.

You cannot use other of these. If you do, you will likely get caught and have your account at your affiliate network(s) banned and commissions withheld.

Please do not even consider trying this, most affiliate networks consider this fraud.

Just a side note, when I see people trying to take this route, it’s like they are trying to take a shortcut. I highly recommend staying away from these types of shortcuts. If you are struggling making money online, there are ways to get help. Please keep coming back to, we are constantly adding new content to try to help everyone! If you find that just reading isn’t enough, perhaps you could benefit from internet marketing training?

I’d much rather see people invest the time and money into getting real training than waste it on micro-workers or guaranteed sign ups. You will be at least getting value and learning and investing into the future. It might take a little bit longer to see results (even though I would argue the results you see with micro-workers or guaranteed leads aren’t real results), it is worth it as you will be actually building a long term business.

We hope that you are and stay far away from anything such as micro-workers or guaranteed leads/sign ups. Networks have the technology and algorithms to catch these almost immediately and have departments to catch this type of thing. Please Do not risk it! Don’t sell yourself short, set yourself up for the long term.