Lead Impact And 7Search Have Shut Down, Should We Be Worried?

We’ve heard a fair bit of rumblings how affiliate marketing is dying because 7search and leadimpact have both closed down this year.
I think it’s time we shut down these rumblings and worries. Affiliate Marketing will likely never die, it will continue to evolve.
The upside is there are still many quality traffic sources to use. If you were using leadimpact, we recommend you looking into 50onred for a replacement. If you used 7search, we recommend you looking into BingAds as a replacement.
On the upside, the quality of 50onred is much higher than leadimpact was and same with the quality of BingAds compared to 7search.
Also, don’t worry, both 50onred and bingads are booming, they are in the upswing and likely to be around for a long time. I think many saw the writing on the wall with leadimpact and 7search over the months and years how the quality slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) dropped.
If you are looking for a new way to monetize traffic on the backend, you should take a look at Pagez, they are a new platform and are getting very popular. Most people use Facebook (pages, groups, personal profile, ads, etc) to drive traffic to them and they will help monetize the traffic and convert into dollars for you. (You can read more about it here as we recently published and article on it.)
Just a reminder that Halloween is coming, make sure you have your sites ready to monetize this holiday!