Do You Play? Or Do You Play To Win?

A white dry erase board with shiny metal frame and the words To Do List - Win on it

Some people might not get this, but chances are – if you are self employed you will know the answer and why.

Some people play for the sake of playing, some people play to win.

When it comes to money or your own business, you shouldn’t just play for the sake of playing, you should want to play to win and win big.

Let me ask you this, do you want to just get by? Or do you want to live an amazing life? No matter what you are doing, you should go all out and not just do the bare minimum.

If you are trying to make online, 9 times out of 10, the person who is playing to win will win. They will do what others that are “just playing” aren’t willing to do.

Someone who is “just playing” or just “trying to get by” will try to take short cuts, they will buy a cheap hosting (if any hosting) instead of investing into a VPS or Dedicated Server, they will direct link and refuse to build landing pages, they won’t collect emails and build lists. They will do the bare minimum of what they think they need to do to make a few bucks. Is this you? If it is, don’t stress, it’s not too late – you just need a mindset change!

For those of us who play to win, losing is not an option (“Failure is NOT an option”). When we build a campaign, we go all out, we split test offers, we split test landing pages, we collect email opt-ins, we invest into good hosting, we collect data, we don’t give up after 1 day.

You can normally spot the difference between the two types of people. The people “who play to win”, do not take shortcuts, they do the work, after they do the work, they think of what they can do to automate it or make it easier. The people who “just play”, will look to automate from the beginning without understanding what they are automating and how they are saving time.

Do you PLAY TO WIN? or do you JUST PLAY?

If you don’t Play to Win – it’s time you start!¬†Get in the right mindset and get going.