What is PPV Marketing? How to Make Money with PPV Traffic

PPV (also called CPV) stands for Pay Per View (or Cost Per View) and it is a traffic source, similar to PPC (Pay Per Click). However the delivery is a little different. When you think PPC, I personally think of Google Adwords or Bing Ads – when people search for anything, often there are ads within the results.

PPV marketing is a little different – instead of showing ads for searches, full websites are displayed in the form of a pop-up or pop-under. PPV traffic providers typically will offer an incentive such as games or fancy wallpapers or other items like this, when people download and install these they also agree to install adware. Note – adware is not malicious, it is not the same as malware. All adware does is show the person ads depending on their internet browsing.

With PPV marketing you typically will target on URL’s or keywords (some examples: affchris.com, affchris). When someone visits a site that matches the URL or keywords your website will popup on their screen.

PPV marketing is very appealing as the cost per view can be very low and the restrictions are more relaxed than most other traffic sources such as PPC.

If you want to learn more about PPV, we recommend you download our FREE Affiliate Marketing (PPV) Guide – it will help you understand PPV marketing, PPV traffic and how to use it.