The Best Course to Learn PPC


PPC (also called Pay Per Click) has been a very popular way to drive traffic for many years. There are many different PPC traffic providers, you’ve probably heard of the most popular ones – Google Adwords and Bing Ads. There are also many “2nd tier” networks such as 7search as well.

PPC to this day is still a very popular and useful way to drive quality traffic. Through the years PPC traffic providers have drastically changed, most of these changes are designed to “boost the user experience”.¬†Often after this change, it can be difficult mastering the traffic source, things which were once allowed are no longer allowed, there is a constant need to adapt to the new rules and regulations.

I personally recommend Aff Playbook for learning PPC traffic, they have been training affiliates and other members of the industry since 2009. They have several case studies using PPC traffic. Aff Playbook goes over all the difficult things such as how to come up with the right ad titles, ad descriptions, keywords, ad groups and more.

Another great aspect about Aff Playbook is if you want to experiment or try other traffic sources as well, they cover many other different traffic sources such as PPV, Mobile, Media Buys (banner ads), Social Media, Facebook Ads, SEO, Adult Marketing, Mailing and more.

The community at Aff Playbook is great as well. Aside from the owner (David), there is a team of people dedicated to help you called the faculty. In addition, many of the members are also helpful. This means you get several different perspectives from a full community and you’re not limited to hearing advice from 1 person.

If you are interesting in learning about PPC traffic or any other traffic source for that matter, we strongly recommend you check out Aff Playbook.