My Journey with Facebook Pages and FPTraffic – Part 1

I’ve been using FPTraffic for a few months now, I have been learning more and more and started seeing some results so I figured it was time to start sharing. I’m calling this part 1 as this is only the beginning of my journey. Once I get further along I’ll share more information.

If you have not heard of FPTraffic before, I would describe it as a image and video scraper and scheduler for Facebook pages. You can use multiple pages and it takes seconds to schedule photo’s or video’s to automatically post on your Facebook pages. Also if you have an Amazon affiliate account and/or an eBay partner network (affiliate) account, you can also use FPTraffic to post those affiliate links to your pages as well.

Even to post a small amount (1-2 times per day) on a Facebook page, it can be very time consuming, especially if you are searching for images to go along with the posts. Even if you schedule posts, it can be very time consuming. FPTraffic takes the time from minutes to seconds.

Prior to using FPTraffic, I spent a fair bit of time to schedule posts on my Facebook pages. I would schedule a week or two’s worth of posts at once and it would be very time consuming.

When I started using FPTraffic, I instantly was able to save tons of time and even better with the consistent and constant content I was able to help grow my pages faster and organically.

Once you start using FPTraffic, one of the first things you do (aside reading the guides) is set your post schedule for your pages (each page has a different post schedule). Below you can see the schedule I have is set to post at 8am and 4pm each day. Once I get the content lined up, FPTraffic will automatically post to my page everyday at these times. Once you set these times for your pages, you never need to set them again (unless you want to).

Now on to adding content, searching for images or videos is so simple. FPTraffic has a built in image scraper. You can search tumblr, bing, youtube, amazon, giphy, flickr, ebay and reddit with the click of a button. To add an image to the queued up content, just click on it. This takes the time to find and schedule images from minutes to seconds!


To recap, all it takes to add new content to your pages is just a quick search based on keyword, then you just click on the content that interest you and it’s queued up and ready to go. So Simple.

FPTraffic also has guides that not only walk you through how to use FPTraffic but also how to setup your Facebook pages and even include case studies on how to make money from them.

FPTraffic also has a giveaway manager, which many use as a lead magnet to help get likes for their pages. They also have a tool called Inboxes which is similar to an autoresponder to allow people to opt-in to receiving daily emails on new posts for your Facebook Pages. I haven’t used these much yet, but I can see the potential from them.

I highly recommend FPTraffic to anyone who owns multiple (or even just 1) Facebook pages, or anyone who is interested in starting to use Facebook pages. Currently FPTraffic is currently $10 a month and allows you to use it with UNLIMITED pages and UNLIMITED posts.

How much is your time worth? Even if you have just 1 Facebook page and post once a day, if right now it takes you 5 minutes to find an image, schedule it and post it, you would be spending 150 minutes a month on this (1 page * 1 post per day * 30 days = 150), that’s 2 1/2 hours! Keep in mind, most people have multiple Facebook pages and will post at least twice a day. Think of all of the time you will be saving, it’s well worth the small price tag.

Want to Learn More About FPTraffic? Visit the Official FPTraffic Website.