WOW! Where Did 2017 Go?


I just took a second to have a breather today and realized it’s December 15, then I started thinking and it started to kick in… 10 more days until Christmas… and ONLY 17 more days until 2018!

Where did the year go?

Hopefully this isn’t as shocking to you as it is to me!

So what else is going through my head now? With Christmas approaching, it’s almost time for us men to start their Christmas shopping. It’s getting close, but never too late to attract some last minute Christmas shoppers. Even better yet, if you’re not prepared this year, start setting something up that can carry over to next year. Amazon’s affiliate program tends to do very well around Christmas time if you have the right type of traffic or website.

Another HUGE deal is New Years is almost here. This is a great time to start promoting certain types of affiliate offers. Think about all of the New Years Resolutions!

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, many will be thinking about how they can improve themselves or their lives for 2018. It’s a great time to capitalize on these ambitions.

Hopefully you can think of some of the niches that are in hot demand. If not, here are some suggestions:

  • Diet/Weight Loss – This is a HUGE niche and even larger near this time of year, I mean how many people aren’t looking to get healthier?
  • Education – It’s a great time for self improvement and getting educated falls into this category.
  • Work from Home/Starting a business – Believe it or not, writing a business plan or starting a business is one of the top new year resolutions.
  • Travel – Who doesn’t want to travel more? Rolling over the calendar into a new year helps people realize that they haven’t done this enough.
  • Beauty – Who doesn’t want to look or feel more attractive and/or beautiful?
  • Financial – “Next year will be different, I’ll budget better”.

Hopefully this is enough to get you thinking. Do your own brainstorming as well, this quick list isn’t the end all be all, just a quick list put together.

Do you have any new year resolutions?