Welcome to AffChris.com

Hello, I would like to introduce everyone to AffChris.com

We are here to help introduce people to affiliate marketing and making money online. We are not a paid training program, we are not a paid system, we are a group of individuals who are going to work together to post tips and tricks to help people. To make a long story short – we are here to help people make money online. You are not investing in us, you are investing in yourself.

Why are we doing this? We fully agree with paying in forward, we are here due to the help of others so we feel if we do the same we will benefit everyone. We are not worried about extra competition in this industry, it will only help us all grow!

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Currently we do not offer one-on-one training, if you feel you need this, please try a training program like Aff Playbook (http://www.affpl.com)

Please bare with us as we are still getting everything setup!