What to do if an Affiliate Network Does not Pay You?

This happens from time to time, there can be a large variety of reasons why this would happen. It can be an emotional experience but the biggest thing is to remain calm and don’t act based off emotion. Try to follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Remain calm, leave emotion out of this.
  2. Call (don’t email, don’t skype) your affiliate manager at the network in question, if they don’t answer – leave a calm message. Just be honest with them, ask them if there was a pronblem with the payment and when they expect to have this resolved. Write down all of the information from this conversation.
  3. Leave it 2-3 days, if you haven’t had a follow-up from your affiliate management, call again to follow up.
  4. Leave it 1 day and follow up again if you are still having problems.
  5. After this if you can’t get an answer or good answer from your affiliate manager, ask to speak with their manager or someone senior in the network and explain the situation to them.
  6. If this still hasn’t worked, work on getting a hold of the owner of the network.

Normally the issue with be resolved by your affiliate manager. However, if you have done something shady, don’t even bother with these steps, just acknowledge that you did something wrong and move on and learn from it. Do not post on forums or social media about this, this will not help you, the only thing this will do is sour your relationship and likely tarnish your reputation.