The Best Course to Learn Facebook Ads

Time and time again, people tend to ask what is the best course (or the best way) to learn Facebook Ads.

Personally I recommend Aff Playbook. Aff Playbook has been training affiliates and internet marketers since 2009. They train on several traffic sources, one of the popular ones is Facebook Ads. The Facebook Ads section alone has over 570+ threads and 3800+ overall posts. This doesn’t take into account the case studies, follow along campaigns (more case studies by the members), tips and tricks, lessons, etc!

With over 5800+ members, it’s not hard to see how Aff Playbook has become the “go to” resource for training affiliates and internet marketers on various traffic sources including Facebook Ads.

Aff Playbook covers the many important aspects of Facebook ads such as coming up with great headlines, coming up with amazing ad’s and tips and tricks on getting the most out of the images. They also cover the importance of split-testing ads (ad title, ad text, image, etc) and the importance of testing landing pages and split testing offers. If you are struggling or want to learn Facebook Ads, Aff Playbook is the place to be!

In addition to Facebook Ads, Aff Playbook also covers several other different traffic sources. So if you find out that Facebook Ads aren’t for you, or you are interested in expanding your horizons a little more, you can also learn about PPC, PPV, Mediabuys, SEO, POF, Mobile, Pay Per Call, Social Media Marketing and more! There are tons of options available.

The other great thing about the Aff Playbook community is the atmosphere, there are many successful people around that like to help out. Aside from the owner (David Ford), there is a team called the faculty that help people as well. In addition to this, several of the successful members help as well. It’s a great place to be!

If are you interesting in learning Facebook Ads, we highly recommend you look at Aff Playbook.