The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

Looking for The Best Affiliate Marketing Forums? We’ve comprised a list of our top 10 that many affiliate marketers visit.


affLIFT – Are you either new to affiliate marketing or struggling? This might be the place for you. affLIFT was launched in early 2018 and has seen rapid growth since. They are geared towards newbies and people struggling in affiliate marketing. We strongly recommend checking them out!

Aff Playbook – If you’re looking for the best, the buck stops here. Aff Playbook is the #1 Affiliate Marketing forum. You will find topics and information shared that just isn’t available on any public forum (or any public venue for that matter). Get access to exclusive tools (such as a 1 click landing page builder), courses on different traffic sources, tracking, back end monetization, affiliate networks and much more. Aff Playbook does cost money, but is well worth it for what you get out of it.

Warriorforum – One of the most popular internet marketing forums. They recently had a change of ownership and some things have changed but most are generally the same. Warriorforum is one of the better internet marketing public forums.

Affiliatefix – One of the newer players in this list. They are steadily growing larger and larger. Affiliatefix is based around affiliate marketing and is growing daily.

CPA Elites – A forum around CPA marketing. It’s great to see this exists, they are still growing but I see some potential if they keep up the growth for CPA Elites to become a larger powerhouse.

Digital Point – One of the oldest internet marketing forums, Digital Point is still around. Unfortunately the quality has severely gone down over the years.

Wickedfire – One of the best forums “back in the day”. Over the years they have slowly lost their relevance. Most people have moved on, but some still visit. Be warned, if you visit Wickedfire, make sure you had a thick skin.

Sitepoint– A good forum for webmasters to visit. I find they have more information on website design and coding than internet marketing or affiliate marketing, but still can be useful.

5 Star Affiliate Programs – Many praise 5 Star Affiliate Programs forum, we’ve never seen the appeal. To each their own, you may or may not like them, feel free to check them out.

V7N – Another webmaster forum. You’ll find more information on being a webmaster and websites than internet or affiliate marketing. You can still find a hidden gem here or there.

DN Forum – Domains are discussed more than anything, but other topics can creep up once and a while. Still a worthwhile mention.