So.. This Exercise Thing..

exercise bike

I feel a little weird posting this, as it has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, internet marketing, making money online, success or anything like that. However this is something new and I find it impacts me (in some way, shape or form) in several ways, including the topics which I just mentioned it has nothing to do with.

For a very long time, I remember reading online of several successful affiliates and others making a fair bit of money about the importance of exercise, not just for the physical health benefits, but the mental health benefits as well. The physical health benefits are obvious and often they are very measurable, the mental ones – not so much.

I never considered myself a lazy person. I’ve always been on the mindset that we all have limited time, for example, we all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. With this restraint, we all must decide on how we spend our time and how we feel it’s best being spent. Me, having a family with 2 small children, I chose to spend much of my time with them. Weekends are almost totally blocked off for family time. For weekdays, most of the evenings of blocked out. There are obvious exceptions such as if someone makes plans, or has a scheduled activity, etc.

Most of my time outside of spending time with the family is working on my business(es) in some way, shape or form. While not all time might be spent on building campaigns, optimizing campaigns, etc. Time is also spent in networking, building assets, etc. Keep in mind, often for family time we would go for walks, go to the park or do other light physical activities, so it’s not like I was ever sitting at home 24/7 never leaving the house or getting exercise, I just knew I wasn’t getting the recommended 30-60 minutes a day.

Due to how I structured my time (again, this was MY choice, most of us decide how we spend our time), I felt I had no time for activities like going to the gym. If I were to do this, I would either need to cut into my family time, or I would need to cut into my business/working. Some may see this as an excuse, and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is how I thought.

Eventually I came to the conclusion and started to think if I didn’t start regularly getting the recommend 30-60 minutes a day, the future didn’t look too bright. I figured it was time to start making some short term pains for long term gains.

I started out small, when I was younger, I used to like biking and could ride for hours, so I started by purchasing a stationary exercise bike, I now ride this daily (it’s only been a month and a half, I am still proud to have made it this far). Once I got in the swing of this I decided that I can do this and purchased a gym membership, I have been going regularly, but still need more time to help make this a habit.

Another thing I did that I find helps is I purchased a Fitbit. I’ve had a few friends who have used these and love them. For me, the main benefit was they automatically track all the information I was manually tracking. When using the exercise bike at my house or any of the machines at the gym, I always (manually) recorded how long I was on them, the distance I went (this obviously varies per machine you are using), calorie count, etc. The Fitbit just makes it easier, it automatically tracks all of that and much more.

I am not trying to lecture anyone to do this, I certainly didn’t listen to any lectures, I guess I have finally decided it was time and I was just ready.