When Viewing an Affiliate Offer Link I am being redirected to an unrelated page

This is normally caused by attempting to view an offer that is targeted for outside of your area.

For example, if you are located in the United States and click on a link to view an offer that is target towards New Zealand, you will be redirected to another offer, this is called a geo-redirect or geo-targeting. Which just means you were redirected to another page based off of your location.

Most networks have a “preview link” which allows you to view the offers landing page without being redirected. Below is a screenshot for Maxbounty, showing where to find the target country (listed as Countries allowed) and also where to find the preview link.


If you have further questions about this, typically the best person to ask if your Account Manager on the network you are having problems with, they can give you much more info around their specific geo-targeting rules.