We Just Lost Another Legendary Affiliate Marketing Blog

We don’t have the number of affiliate marketing blogs that we used to. About 10 years ago, there are tons of awesome blogs out there that had some amazing content. Over the years they have faded away and now we are left with very few.

It’s not to say that affiliate marketing is dead as some would love to bring up, it’s just that the times have changed.

One of my favorite affiliate marketing blogs over the past few years has been lukepeerfly.com, Luke has been an amazing ambassador for the industry and always strives to help out as many as possible. His blog was full of top notch content and was updated regularly.

Now, many of you may recall we also lost a top notch affiliate network earlier this year – Peerfly. This is clearly where Luke got his blog name from and Luke was employed for Peerfly for as long as I can remember. They made a great team.

After Peerfly closed down, I wondered what would happen to his blog and was hoping he would just move it to a new platform and domain. Unfortunately he has now announced that his blog is closing as well, or as he calls it – his blog is retired.

As much as I am disappointed to see it go, I totally understand why. In addition to Peerfly closing, Luke has launched many other ventures over the years. Recently he launched his forum affLIFT and it has been growing like crazy.

On the upside, Luke is still very much around and very engaged in the affiliate marketing industry. I’m sure we will eventually see more tools and/or other products and websites from him and his team.

With this being said, it still is sad to see one of the great affiliate marketing blogs disappear but we still with Luke all the best and look forward to all of his future endeavors.