When to Ask your Affiliate Manager for a Payout Bump

I find people tend to get intimidated at first when asking for a payout bump for running an offer with an affiliate network.

If you are not sure what a payout bump is – it is when you are working with an affiliate network such as MaxBounty or PeerFly and you are working with a specific offer with them and ask for an increase in the amount you get paid for conversions for running that offer.

My one piece of advice is don’t be scared to ask. You may not always get it, but never be scared to ask.

This is one part where it is very important to form a good relationship with your affiliate manager at the networks. Sometimes I ask for a payout bump right away even before I start sending traffic to an offer, I try to only do this if I know I plan on sending enough traffic to get conversions. I don’t do this all of the time, it would be almost like crying wolf if I didn’t send them leads.

What I normally recommend is to run some traffic, wait to see some conversions then reach out to your AM and ask them for a payout bump. Once you start sending traffic and conversions, it shows your AM that you are serious about the offer and it will normally help.

Never be scared to ask, the answer might end up being no at times, but at the same time it can be yes. Also remember that you can ask for multiple bumps for the same offer. Most networks have a fair bit of room to work with. The other thing to keep in mind, the more traffic you send them, the more likely they will be able to help with a payout bump.

AGAIN – Never be scared to ask!!