Adding a Postback/Tracking Pixel From Prosper202 to Peerfly

I’ve always tried to ensure that I convey the importance of tracking. One little part of tracking that makes our lives a little easiest is a postback url/tracking pixel. The idea behind this is when you get a conversion on your network, this will automatically trigger that conversion in your tracker as well.

For this example, I have chosen to show how to do this with Prosper202 and Peerfly. We also have a document on How to Add a postback/tracking Pixel from Prosper202 to Maxbounty.

To Start, login to your Prosper202 tracker, under setup, click on “#8 Get Postback/Pixel”


There are a few different ways to do this, I am going to show you with the postback url. Highlight and copy the text in your Post Back URL box, it should look something like this:


Now Log in to your Peerfly account and click on Global Postback


Paste your link into the URL box

Modify your links to ensure you include the %commission% and %subid1% variables.

Your link should look like this after –

The %subid1% variable will pass the subid that converted back to your tracking link

The %commission% variable will pass the amount that was credited to your account. If you do not include this, Prosper202 will automatically insert the default amount which you have put into your campaign in Prosper202.



Now click on Save and this will be the default used for all of your campaigns. Note you can also use individual postback urls for campaigns, if you set this at the campaign level, it will override the global setting for that one campaign.

If you are having problems with this, or are using a different network, try reaching out to your AM, normally they can help with this.