Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win


Do you know the #1 Reason that people fail to make money online?

They give up far too soon!

This can happen for several reasons, I think the main reason is unrealistic expectations. Some people seem to think each and every campaign will be successful (hopefully you aren’t one of these people). Unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth, most campaigns will likely not be successful- However, once you find a successful campaign it can (and should) make up for all the ones that aren’t successful. Winners know this and winners aren’t afraid of launching losing campaigns as they know if they keep doing this, they will eventually find a winner campaign!

This can also stand very true about testing campaigns, do you spend enough money (if you’re using paid traffic) and enough time to properly test? Or do you call it quits too early? If you are using paid traffic, typically the minimum you should spend testing is $20-30, if you haven’t spent that much, you haven’t tested properly. Also the time can make a huge difference, if you go through $20 within a few hours, you haven’t tested properly either, you need to get a good sample of different times of the day and different days of the week to get a good sampling. This is just the tip of the iceberg, make sure you always have enough data when testing campaigns or else you are just throwing away your money (and time). Winners know this as well, winners aren’t scared to spend money to buy data. When you are testing (assuming you are using paid traffic), don’t think of it was “losing money”, you are buying data to see how the campaign will fare.

Do you want to know the 2nd reason that people fail to make money online?

They don’t take enough action! To make money and keep making money in this industry, you have to continue to try new things and continue to launch campaigns. Even once you find a winning campaign (or winning campaigns), you cannot just sit back and watch the money come rolling you, you need to constantly be trying new campaigns.

If you find yourself in this category, start keeping a journal and keep track of what you do each day. Each day you should be at least doing something to further your business, whether it be optimizing or working on a current campaign or creating new campaigns. Keep a journal for 1-2 months and make sure you update it each day, then go back and look at it and see if you have been consistent. If not, you know your problem and it’s time to fix it!

Don’t be a quitter and take constant action!