What’s the Cheapest…

Have you ever seen someone ask one of these types of questions?

Some examples:

“What’s the cheapest hosting”

“What’s the cheapest PPC traffic”

“Where can I buy the cheapest traffic”

And the list can go on and on, but I think you get the point.

While I understand the reasoning behind trying to get the cheapest price on some things, when it comes to your business – this can be a killer.

If you are legitimately trying to make money online, stop trying to go for the cheapest anything. I’m not saying go for the most expensive, do your research and if money is an issue, look for the best value, not cheapest.

I personally do not like spending money I don’t need to, nor do I like losing money. I would say I hate losing money than spending money though, do you agree? A while back I did a simple quick test between cheap shared hosting (<$10 a month) and a reasonably priced VPS package ($50 a month). I sent PPV traffic to both hosts and I wanted to see how much traffic each of them retained and how much traffic was lost (dropped). Note – if traffic is dropped, it means you paid for it, but you will never receive a lead for it as your host times out and the visitor doesn’t reach your page. You can read more about this test here. As you can guess – the VPS hosting did much better than the shared. If you were running paid traffic, you would have thrown away a fair bit of money due to the shared hosting not being able to keep up with the traffic.

Imagine the irony here? Purchasing cheap hosting to save money then spending money of traffic only to have most of it just drop off and not load your landing page or reach your offer page and not even have a chance of making money off of it?

There are times to be cheap, there are times to invest money. Just make sure if you are trying to save money, you are doing it in the right places, often I find when people buy the cheapest, it tends not to work out well.