GaryVee Instantly Upsets All Mentors and Coaches

If you haven’t heard of GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) by now I would be surprised, he is a popular entrepreneur that has a very large social media presence. Last week he released a video on Facebook voicing his opinions on mentors (you can watch the video here).

It shouldn’t be very surprising but it immediately struck a nerve with many mentors and coaches.

In the video GaryVee spoke about (and I paraphrase) that you should be focusing on taking action opposed to finding a mentor. While this upset many people (mostly mentors and coaches), I took what he was saying a different way. Many people find reasons to hold themselves back, it sounds silly but it’s true. Some people are afraid to start taking action. I believe what GaryVee’s motivation behind the video was to say taking action is more important than anything, don’t let not having a mentor hold you back from taking action.

Think about it, if you get a mentor or coach and take no action, you’re not going to find any success. If you do take action but do not have a mentor or coach, you may or may not find success, but by taking action you are at least giving yourself a much better chance to succeed.

Now let’s take this a step further, we know you need to take action to even have a chance at finding success. Now if you are doing this then great, now what if at this point you also add a mentor or a coach? In my opinion, you are setting yourself up to succeed anymore. While you may not need a mentor or coach, they can certainly help increase your level of success, but at the same time – taking action is the most important aspect, without this you will not find success.