The Best Course to Learn PPV Traffic

PPV Traffic has become a very popular way to drive traffic to affiliate (CPA) offers.

My top recommendation to learn PPV traffic is Aff PlaybookAff Playbook has been open since 2009, they originally were named PPV Playbook and build 100% around PPV traffic sources and techniques. Over the years they have evolved into a much larger site and now do multiple types of traffic sources.

The PPV section at Aff Playbook has over 14000 posts and over 1700 threads (that’s a TON of information just dedicated to PPV). In addition to this, they also have many case studies, tips, tricks, follow alongs, lessons and more.

In addition to PPV traffic, Aff Playbook has information on several other different types of traffic sources, such as (but not limited to) PPC, Facebook Ads, SEO, Mobile, Media Buys, Social, POF, Pay Per Call, Adult, etc. So once you learn all you can (or want to) about PPV, you have the option of working with different traffic sources as well.

If you’re interested in PPV traffic (some examples of PPV traffic sources are: 50onred, trafficvance, leadimpact, rapsio, etc), Aff Playbook is a great place to learn. With over 5800+ members, Aff Playbook has become one of the best places to learn Internet/Affiliate Marketing.

The other great thing about the Aff Playbook community is the atmosphere, there are many successful people around that like to help out. Aside from the owner (David Ford), there is a team called the faculty that help people as well. In addition to this, several of the successful members help as well. It’s a great place to be!

If are you interesting in learning PPV Traffic (or virtually any other traffic source), we highly recommend you look at Aff Playbook.

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