Are your affiliate/online earnings taxable?

The short answer is most likely yes. Although this will vary depending on which country you reside in, for all Countries I am aware of, the income is taxable and needs to be reported to the government.

Now for the rest of the questions around this, you should really seek advice from an expert. I know what I do best and it’s not being an accountant, make sure you see a reputable accountant for all of your tax questions. As many people have said and this is a popular quote – “A good accountant is worth their weight in gold”.

While you may need to pay taxes on your earnings. An accountant can help you maximize your benefits and write-offs. They will know more about this than anyone. Keep in mind, don’t go out and look for the cheapest accountant you can find, cheaper isn’t always better.

Just another note, don’t try to go around this. The penalties from the governments are typically very high for those who try to avoid paying taxes, and in the end, they will find out.

Hopefully this helps you with some direction, I know this wasn’t the answer that most were wanting to hear.