Affiliate Marketing Advice from a Newbie to a Newbie

I love hearing advice and tips and tricks for affiliate marketing, I think almost everyone does. Unfortunately there are various levels of experience and knowledge and sometimes the advice may or may not be suitable.

People who have been around for a while might forget the challenges when starting out and try to help but miss some key steps.

The other day, we found an awesome post on affLIFT that’s publically available to everyone. The title of the post is even Advices From A Newbie To A Newbie.

Some of the tips are:

  • Start with pop traffic
  • Use reputable networks
  • Use a tracker
  • Study data
  • Don’t change it up too fast

If you are just starting out or even been around for a while and are struggling then read this post! It has some great information and has already helped many others!