Aff Playbook – 30 Day Campaign Challenge – Jan 25, 2016 to Feb 24, 2016

Aff Playbook is having another 30 day campaign challenge. These are always popular among members at Aff Playbook. They have been proven to help people create campaigns, be consistent and find results.

You can start between right now and January 25, 2016.

The contest ends February 24, 2016

You must be a member of Aff Playbook to participate! Now is the best time to join! In addition to this contest (and prizes) – use this special link to get $10 off each month!


Here is the info, and I quote:


As promised, we are doing another 30 day challenge contest. These are without a doubt one of the best ways to make a huge amount of progress in a short time.

While all the contests produce some great success stories, the 30 day challenges stand out for producing a lot of success stories.

You can check out some past winners here.

Why is this contest so effective? I’ll paste my 30 day challenge speech here

One thing successful forum members always say is that the majority of ‘problems’ with not making progress/money in IM have a very simple solution – build more campaigns.

This reminds me of a really well known blackhat seo guy I used to be friends with and what he told me one time; Apparently tons of people would come to him for help with questions about site structure, indexing, etc, etc, etc. and he said his answer 99% of the time was just that they needed to build more links. That was it, forget everything and build more links.

I agree 100% that simply building more campaigns will make you progress faster and further than almost anything else. I’m not saying don’t ask questions or anything at all, just not matter what build new campaigns every day.

So, I want to see how many of you are up for a 30 day experiment. For the next 30 days, commit to building at least 1 campaign each day. A new campaign could mean simply taking a campaign you already have running and moving it to a new traffic source, or doing the same campaign in a different country. It doesn’t always have to mean building a totally new campaign from scratch. A campaign should not be taking you days to launch. If it is, let me know and let’s talk about your approach.

Don’t over complicate this…the point isn’t to make perfect campaigns, just to make campaigns.

This is open to all affiliates regardless of skill level. The idea is to set a goal and make that many campaigns per day for 30 days straight. Quite a few people who have done the previous challenges found success as a result of documenting their campaign building for 30 days.

Not sure where to start? Just click the ‘start’ button in the forum navigation and pick a traffic source. There are complete guides on building campaigns there.

You can start the challenge anytime between now and Monday January 25th. It will run through Monday February 24th.


To get started…

Post a new thread in the Follow Along Campaign section titled ‘[Username’s] 30 day campaign challenge’. Make sure to select the correct thread prefix for the type of traffic you’re going to run.

Update your own thread every day, even if you didn’t make any campaigns.

You don’t need to include details if you don’t want…seriously just posting ‘made 2 campaigns today’ is totally fine. Put what day it is since you started too…even if you did nothing (Day 1: 2 campaigns, Day 2: 0 campaigns, etc)

Adding URL’s to a campaign, making a new lander, etc. is all good and important, but this thread is JUST for new campaigns (either totally new or moving to a new traffic source, country, etc

Campaign Types

For this challenge, you can pick any traffic source but you must stick with that type of traffic for 30 days. You can use different traffic networks, but they all need to be the same type (ie mobile).

Here are a few guides to get started with various traffic sources. You don’t have to follow these – this is just for people who need a starting point.

Mobile Campaign Building Guide

Media Buying Campaign Guide

PPV Campaign Building Guide

Adult Dating Campaign Building Guide

AdWords Search Campaign Building Guide

AdWords Display Campaign Building Guide

Bing Campaign Building Guide

You don’t have to do the usual PPV, PPC, etc. traffic either. Some other options could be:

– Teespring campaigns
– Building datafeed sites
– Building niche sites
– etc.

The goal is to update your thread every day for 30 days, even if you don’t make a campaign. Literally, come in and write ‘Day 5: 0 campaigns’. We know you might not be able to log into the forum every single day, so you can update us on multiple days next time you log in.


When we pick the winners, the main thing with this contest is consistency. Did you post updates (even if you didn’t make a campaign that day)? Like I mentioned above, your updates don’t need to be super detailed. Some of the other things we look at are:

– The thought process behind what you’re doing and what you learn as you go.
– The consistency sticking with a niche and traffic source.
– Your final wrapup post (instructions on this will come at the end of the contest)

1st place – 6 months free forum access + $100 to spend on the traffic source of your choice. [$500 Value]
2nd place – $100 Amazon gift card (or $100 to spend on the traffic source of your choice). [$100 Value]
3rd place – $50 Amazon gift card (or $50 to spend on the traffic source of your choice). [$50 Value]

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!