Google Chrome will soon ad-block an entire website if it shows as little as one abusive ad

Next month (December 2018) Google will be launching Chrome 71. This update is said to be a huge step up in the war against abusive ads.

Now, what are abusive ads? The term is rather broad and so is the definition. Some examples of abusive ads would be any ads that generating fake system messages, automatically redirect you, or attempt to steal personal information.

After Google 71 is released, they are giving webmasters 30 days to clean up their sites to get rid of these types of ads. After the 30 days, Chrome will block all ads on the entire site.

While this is an option within Chrome that can be disabled, but we figure most Chrome users will just leave it on.

We hope no readers are using abusive ads such as these, but if you are, we strongly recommend you clean them up ASAP to avoid what’s coming!