Having Problems Starting Out? Pick a Hobby.

It almost seems like start off is the hardest thing to do in Internet/Affiliate marketing. It’s like a snowball effect, it takes a while to get started but once the ball starts rolling, it grows, it builds and it gets faster and faster.

If you find yourself spinning and spinning and not getting anywhere. A good way to start to see success is to start a blog or website based on a hobby. Chances are you will not get rich off this site, but it will help you get started and start getting the ball rolling.

Don’t be worried too much on how to monetize the site at first, just work on building the site and adding content, let the monetization come later. The reason why you want to pick a hobby is you want to be able to write on something you know well and are an expert in. It doesn’t need to be a hobby, that’s just my suggestion. I created a site around the time I was first starting out around Hockey. I am an avid hockey fan so it seems like a good fit. I didn’t make much with the site, I made maybe $50 a month, but it was great for learning and starting out.

By doing this, you will basically establishing some basics on how to setup a website, how to add content, hopefully you will pickup some html/php. This should also teach you how to identify your audience and demographics. Since it’s your own site you will have access to all demographic information (I highly recommend you add google analytic’s code).

Above all, this will at least start you out and start moving forward. The other good thing is, if you are applying to affiliate networks (such as Maxbounty), you now have a site you can show them on your application.