Why RIGHT NOW is The BEST Time to Start with Affiliate Marketing!

If you have ever thought about affiliate marketing, either recent or in the past – NOW is the time to take action and START!

Some people say that Affiliate Marketing is dead or that it is dying. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is, the number of affiliates is dropping, but the money being generated by affiliates is still the same.

What does this mean? – This means that the people who aren’t serious about making money are giving up and the money they made are going to the people who are serious about making money.

Are you serious about making money? Do you want or need extra income? Do you want or need to make this a full time source of income? I’m pretty sure you are. The communities I socialize on and the people I deal with are serious, I don’t deal with people who aren’t. The fact you are here tells me you are either serious or at least semi-serious. Why not take it to the next level?

Tools and technology are better than ever. When I first started making money online, there were no such things are trackers (such as Prosper202, CPVLab, Voluum, Thrive, etc), there were no such thing are spy tools (WhatRunsWhere, BoxofAds, etc). Now there are many choices, anyone who knows anything about making money online knows the importance of proper tracking and optimizing, and these days with the modern day advanced trackers, you can do this at a click of a button.

Networks are paying faster than ever! Years ago, most networks paid affiliates on a NET30 basis (unless you were a veteran affiliate marketing a few thousand a week), this means that if you made money in January this year, you wouldn’t get paid until the end of February/Early March. When your in a business about cash flow, this can be deadly. Many networks will now pay almost everyone weekly or at least in much better terms than before. Cash is king, you need a steady cash flow to keep the traffic running!

Help has never been easier to get. 5-10 years ago if you were to ask for help about affiliate marketing, you would either get a ridiculous answer or someone would charge you an arm and a leg. These days people seem to be much more open to talk about it. Many successful affiliates have great blogs where they drop some killer tips (Charles Ngo, FinchSells, etc). There are also great forums (Warriorforum, Aff Playbook) that have tons of information as well.

Paid training sites such as Aff Playbook didn’t exist years ago, and the training available was ridiculously expensive. These days, you can join a site like Aff Playbook for $67 a month (less than 1 coffee per day) and learn from several successful affiliates. Most people earn back their membership fees in 1-2 months.

Most people don’t know since, but my biggest regret and mistake about affiliate marketing was waiting too long to start. I found out about the industry and didn’t take action right away – this was by far my BIGGEST mistake and regret. I urge you, do not make the same mistake, if you have the slightest interest in affiliate marketing – please start right away and don’t make the same mistake I did!