Happy New Year 2016 Redux!

It’s July 11, 2016. So WHY Are We Saying Happy New Year?

It’s Very simple actually! If you go back to January 1 or even December 31 – we see everyone getting all happy, ambitious, motivated and setting goals/resolutions.

Now, (approx.) 6 months into the year, how many people still have the same drive? How many people are still as ambitious and motivated? How many are still talking about how they are going to own 2016? How many are still saying 2016 is their year? Unfortunately, not as many as we’d like to see.

How many people have met their goals/resolutions? How many people have just given up?

An even better question – Who is still as motivated and ready to take on 2016? Either way, let’s get there! Let’s get motivated again, let’s get ready again! Let’s re-up our energy and drive!

Just because it’s not the start of a brand new year doesn’t mean we can’t get enthusiastic and motivated!

Why don’t we start each month like this? Why don’t we start each week like this? Why don’t we start each day like this?¬†I’m guessing “the grind” wears us down, things get old, people get tired, stressed, frustrated.

This is why we need goals and ensure we have the right motivation to meet goals (remember:¬†goals are just dreams with deadlines). Maybe our dreams (goals) aren’t big enough to get us motivated? Or maybe we think they are too big and we give up too soon.

How do we move forward? Make sure you have goals set, if not, set some ASAP!

Make sure you put reminds of your goals and what you want to accomplish everywhere. Many people have something called a dream board where they add all of their life goals. Most people use images/pictures for their dream board, this resonates more than just plain text, visual experiences are almost always better than memory. They then hang this dream board up where they can see each and everyday to remind them of what they are trying to accomplish.

Make sure you reward yourself as you get closer to your goals, setting milestones (or mini-goals) is helpful.

This is kind of ballsy but helps – hold yourself accountable by posting on Facebook, a website, a forum, etc on what you want to accomplish. When you make it public, you are often more accountable to yourself to achieve the result.

Start taking constant action!