PHP and HTML Redirects

If you own a website or work with internet/affiliate marketing, chances are you will understand the value of redirects. If you are just starting out and have never used a redirect before, don’t worry, we will make it easy for you!



PHP Redirect

A PHP Redirect is the best type of redirect in my opinion. It makes it easy to pass variables. To pass a variable you just need to append ?keyword= to the end of your url. For example, if your php file was called redirect.php and your host was, to pass a variable you would use this url<your keyword here>

Keep in mind <your keywordhere> would be the keyword you are trying to pass. This is very useful when tracking with CPA offers/campaigns.



HTML Redirect

An HTML redirect works, but I personally prefer PHP redirects as they work better for passing variables. An html redirect can work as well, here is the basic code for an html redirect.