Push Ads Case Study from $0 to 7 Figures!

If you haven’t bought into the push ads movement, maybe this will give you the needed motivation!

These are the notes and presentation shared from Affiliate World (AWEurope 2019).

This is is a 40 minute video that goes into full detail! Make sure you have time to watch the whole thing or at least make sure you remember where you left off.

On a high level, here’s what the video covers in detail:

  1. Building out your push subscribers without the need for a network.
  2. Optimize and reduce the cost per subscriber
  3. Capture subscribers using an aggressive subscriber back flow method.
  4. Monetize the back flow.
  5. The ad copy and what’s important about it.
  6. When and more importantly how to use the 2 main types of messages.
  7. Split testing! Split Testing! Split Testing!
  8. Messaging Frequency.
  9. Value of a lifetime subscriber.
  10. Messaging Frequency (pt 2.)
  11. Types of messages.
  12. Promoting different types of offers.