THANK YOU Aff Playbook and Affiliati

Recently Aff Playbook hosted another one of their famous 30 day campaign challenges. The contest ran from Feb 1, 2016 to March 3, 2016.

If you’re not aware of the background of these challenges, it’s pretty simple – for 30 consecutive days, you need to create campaigns, optimize them, etc and document the progress each day.

To make things even better, not only are we making money off of our campaigns, there are also prizes! Each contest is different, but for this particular one, 1st place was an Apple Macbook Air, 2nd place was an Apple TV and 3rd place was a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Affiliati was nice enough to donate these prizes! (note, each contest/challenge will have different prizes).

I entered this contest (among several others), I used 50onRed inText ads for my traffic source. I have used them several times in the past with PPV, but wanted more experience with their intext ads.

Over the time frame from Feb 1 to March 3, I ended up launching 37 different campaigns, all with 50onred intext ads. Many campaigns did not do well, but a few of them slowly showed signs of life and I am even still running a few of them still.

Aside from walking away with a few decent campaigns, I was also declared the winner of the contest/challenge and won an Apple Macbook Air (again, thank you Aff Playbook and Affiliati)!



The great news for you is the next Aff Playbook 30 day challenge is starting soon! It’s scheduled to start May 1, 2016 and run until June 1, 2016. The prizes are not yet announced but they are normally pretty awesome! I strongly recommend that you join this! It’s great if you are just starting out as it forces you to constantly think about your campaigns and take action. The majority of people who have entered these challenges in the past have praised them for helping them get on the right path to success.