affLIFT or Aff Playbook – Which Affiliate Marketing Training Program Should You Pick?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are 2 top notch affiliate marketing training programs at the moment.

The first is affLIFT and the second is Aff Playbook. There are many others, but these are the best of the best, there is no point in looking any further!

I have known the owners of both of these amazing sites for many years.

affLIFT was founded by Luke Kling, who has deep roots in the affiliate marketing industry. He was a part of the amazing Peerfly affiliate network prior to them shutting down. He has also owned a blog for many of years, which has now been retired. He owns many current affiliate marketing tools and is well respected among all of his affiliate marketing peers.

Aff Playbook was founded by David Ford, who is an affiliate marketing master. David has years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and years of training people in affiliate marketing. He has worked with many different networks, traffic sources, tracking and other tool companies in the affiliate marketing industry. He is very well respected and known within the industry.

Aff Playbook has been around for much longer than affLIFT, it was originally founded in 2009 as PPV Playbook. Eventually over the years, it evolved into Aff Playbook as many more traffic sources than PPV were covered. Recently they have had another evolution. They have moved away from forum based learning and moved towards course based learning. Everything is setup in courses and lessons. The lessons consist of videos, articles, webinars and much more.

affLIFT is much younger than Aff Playbook but don’t write them off just yet. They have been the fastest growing affiliate marketing forum since they opened. They are a forum based learning program. Everything is posted in the forum.

Aff Playbook focuses on traditional traffic sources such as PPC, PPV, Social Media, Media Buys and focuses on long term strategies.

affLIFT covers the traditional traffic sources but also branches out into some of the new and “cool” types of traffic like push and pop traffic.

Both are top notch programs. I personally feel it all depends on the type of learning you are interested in. If you want a forum based learning program, go with affLIFT. If you want a lesson/course based learning, then Aff Playbook is for you.

With either of these awesome affiliate marketing training programs you can’t go wrong!