How to Pick Which Affiliate Offers to Promote

When first starting out in affiliate/internet/online marketing, it can be very overwhelming. One question that I often get asked is what offers do I recommend people starting off with and while this can vary depending on experience and what traffic source is being used, the answer is normally very similar.

First, I recommend looking for offers that pay between $3-10, this should rule out any email submits and rebill offers. Many people look at email submits as a quick and easy thing to try and they used to be, but over the years and recently they have become more of a headache than a good source of income. I also mentioned rebills, the reason I recommend staying away from these is they are often very difficult to promote properly and most of the larger affiliates are promoting these so it’s a little more difficult to break out in them.

I would also look for a niche that you know people are making money on, some popular niches include (but are not limited to): home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, payday loans, credit card offers, mortgage refinance, credit reports, debt consolidation, gaming, surveys, etc. The reason behind this is you want to be working in a niche that you know is making money, if you start in a niche that others aren’t promoting, then it will be hard to analyze the reasons behind if they don’t convert.

Aside from the suggestions above, you can always reach out to your affiliate manager at your affiliate account for advice, this is exactly why they are there.