Scheduling Facebook Page Updates

Facebook Pages are a great way for people to build their brand and awareness. (Shameless Plug: Visit Our Page on Facebook)

One very powerful thing that many people don’t use but should is the ability to schedule updates. This allows people to do a fair bit of work at once, but schedule the updates across a longer time and it makes it appear as if you are more active, which can be good for user engagement.

This is actually very simple to do.


To start, just enter the Status update as you normally would, on the right side of the Publish button, there is an arrow point downward, click on the arrow (do not click on Publish, click on the arrow)


You will now have a drop down, click on Schedule.


Set the date and time you want the update to publish and become live. Now click on Schedule. (Keep in mind, when you click on Schedule, you are done, the update will go into scheduled status, so make sure you have the update fully written before you go this far.)